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Academy Improvement

The Q3 Academies Trust (QAT) ensures that excellent teaching and learning is at the heart of its work and can therefore provide access to the following:

  • Evaluation and Improvement Planning;
  • Sixth Form Improvement Team;
  • Management advice and consultancy;
  • Curriculum Development and Timetabling;
  • CPD and Appraisal Support.


With an increasing strain on education budgets there is a need to ensure that effective financial management is maintained. The QAT offers a range of services that can ease that burden. Along with the use of our in-house accounting system, access will be provided to:

  • A comprehensive programme of financial management and reporting;
  • A detailed budgeting and forecasting process;
  • Developing and implementing excellent internal controls;
  • Contract negotiation, procurement advice and tendering;
  • Payroll administration.


Tangible benefits can be gained from working together to streamline common administration activities. Back office support can be offered across the Trust that will help to release much needed resources back into teaching and learning. This would include:

  • A comprehensive package of support for student attendance;
  • A robust programme of data monitoring to enhance student performance;
  • Maintenance of complete and accurate student records;
  • Providing a structure for the recording of assessment data and the upkeep of its effectiveness;
  • Lesson Observation Monitoring.

Human Resources

HR issues continue to play an increasingly important part in academy life. With access to a team of HR professionals, who understand the educational environment, savings can be made with the following additional support:

  • Centrally managed HR records including pensions administration;
  • A full recruitment process including developing job descriptions and formulating contracts;
  • Developing programmes to increase staff retention;
  • Access to HR advice, arbitration and occupational health services;
  • Access to a library of existing policies and the development of new ones;
  • DBS – administration (excludes DBS payments to our provider).


ICT support can be an expensive luxury, and often the level of service that is affordable does not meet the needs of a school. The QAT has a highly skilled and dedicated ICT team who can assist schools with a variety of needs, tailored to individual requirements, including:

  • Infrastructure support (including the possibility of on-site support);
  • Technical advice and support;
  • Design solutions and Network management;
  • ICT Security and Data Protection advice;
  • ICT Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Advice;
  • Website management.

Buildings and Resource Management

In managing buildings, whether it be in relation to the day-to-day operational needs of the school or the development and delivery of new facilities, the QAT has access to a professional team who can help with all aspects of building and resource management, including:

  • Maintenance and repairs, planning and delivery;
  • Technical advice and support;
  • Event and lettings management;
  • Project management of capital projects and other logistical matters.