Seek for that which is good, that which is right, that which is true

Our Vision


The Q3 Academies Trust vision has education at the very heart of all that it does supported by Christian values. Our relentless focus on excellence in teaching and learning is reinforced with high standards of student behaviour. We are passionate about developing our young people to have a spirit of independence that enables them to contribute fully to their learning experience. We have a firm policy on Business Dress (uniform), embraced by every student. There is a minimum expectation that all lessons are at least good or outstanding.

Each member of the Q3 Academies Trust family has access to an environment where effective practice is shared and resources are available to deliver excellence in teaching and learning. This raises the aspirations and achievements of all our students.

Working together ensures consistency and excellence across the Trust, we:

  • Make sure that no individual or group of learners is left behind;
  • All contribute to the drive for continuous improvement;
  • Consistently promote the core values of the Trust;
  • Prepare students to be responsible citizens;
  • Provide the tools students need to engage fully with the learning process and the world beyond education;
  • Are all fully committed to the needs of our local communities;
  • Always ensure family values underpin our work.

The Q3 Family currently has three Academies in the Trust, Q3 Great Barr, Q3 Langley and Q3 Tipton and the Grace Payne Aspiration Centre.  We are keen to expand the Q3 Academies Trust to partner with other passionate educators in both the secondary and primary sectors to spread our work more widely across and beyond Sandwell.

The Q3 Academies Trust has taken time to ensure that we operate a cost-effective central services structure and a business model that delivers maximum efficiency, effectiveness and economies of scale in order to be able to provide appropriate levels of support.  The rapidly changing educational landscape brings both opportunities and challenges, and membership of our Trust will ensure that our Academies are well placed to take full advantage of this.

Our success is a direct consequence of the work that is undertaken by the talented and dedicated staff we have in our Academies and we hope you will be inspired to consider joining us on the next stage of the journey.