Seek for that which is good, that which is right, that which is true

Ethos & British Values

Ethos & British Values


British Values

Our name “Q3” embodies our ethos:

‘To seek for that which is good, right and true’.

We believe all children can succeed and the Q3 Academies Trust is committed to educating the whole child, underpinned by Christian values.

Academic excellence is at the heart of our work, paired with a relentless focus on high quality teaching and enrichment opportunities for every young person who joins the Q3 Academies Trust.  We are determined to provide all students with the very best start in life, with the ambition to leave us as independent, confident young people with a ‘can do’ attitude and the determination to succeed.

We also want them to develop an attitude of care and responsibility towards others and their surroundings, and to have a positive impact on their community.

However, actions speak louder than words and Q3’s reputation is built on:

  • An ethos and culture of integrity and honesty. What we say and do, we believe;
  • A clear and defined purpose for every child;
  • Uncompromising standards from governors through to students;
  • Building right relationships – people matter most;
  • Recognition and rewards;
  • The Pursuit of Excellence.

Within The Trust we are proud that our ethnically and culturally diverse community is fully represented by the students and staff at each Academy. The Q3 ethos; ‘to seek that which is good, that which is right and that which is true,’ fully embraces the fundamental British Values of democracy; the rule of law; individual liberty; mutual respect and tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs.

These values, supported by our strong ethos, are embedded in our day-to-day practice and the relationships between all members of our school community. Additional activities that further promote British Values include:

  • Tutor time and assemblies throughout the day;
  • Student Voice activities;
  • Personal, Social, Citizenship and Health Education programmes;
  • Religious Education lessons;
  • International activities such as the CCD Rainbow House initiative (annual visit by Q3 students and staff spending a week working with children in the orphanage);
  • Classroom debates;
  • After school clubs;
  • Charity work;
  • Sporting events;
  • Educational visits and other Learning outside the Classroom;
  • Academy Council;
  • Pillars of Excellence;
  • Student responsibility posts including; Junior Executive Team (JETS) and Prefects.

We use strategies within the curriculum and beyond to ensure these values are communicated and acted upon.

At the Academy our spiritual, moral, social and cultural (SMSC) education permeates through the curriculum, supports the development of the ‘whole child’ and includes the teaching and development of British Values.

The Academy seeks to continuously review and evaluate its work by gaining external accreditation. The successful completion of the awards listed below demonstrates that SMSC and British Values are incorporated into the daily life of the Academy.

  • Discovering Democracy Award for promoting youth participation and democracy in schools
  • Duke of Edinburgh Award
  • Army Cadet Force
  • Sandwell Shape Awards