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Both Academies offer a broad, engaging and robust curriculum allowing students to rapidly build on their Key Stage 2 foundations, while preparing for the intellectual rigour of Key Stages 4 and 5. Literacy and numeracy are a key focus throughout the curriculum.


In addition to the traditional subjects of Maths, English, Science, Humanities, Languages, Well-being (PE) and Technology, students follow two courses designed by the Q3 Academies Trust.

HORI7ON is a bespoke programme designed for our Year 7 students and extended through the Cre8 package in Year 8 covering the visual and performing arts; computer science and enterprise.

Students then move on to a 3 year KS4 curriculum at the start of Year 9 following one of four pathways:

  1. The English Baccalaureate
  2. The Achievement Route
  3. The Applied Route
  4. The Supportive Route

ASPIRE is our unique course developed by the Academy’s staff and local businesses to complement a full selection of A Levels while providing ‘work ready’ skill development and experience for Post 16 students.