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Parent Governor Vacancies

We currently have two Parent Governor vacancies at the Academy, and are looking for people who fit the following description:

✓ Currently has a child or children at Q3 Academy Great Barr;
✓ Has an open and enquiring mind;
✓ Shows a willingness to listen and make informed judgements;
✓ Is able to work well with others;
✓ Is interested in education generally and our Academy in particular;
✓ Has a desire to play a part in improving our Academy;
✓ Is willing to give about 20 hours per term to attend meetings and training.

If you match the above description, you could be the very person to become a parent governor! Please see the following documents relevant to this role:

Letter to Parents/Carers and Parent Nomination Form

Information Leaflet

Source: Q3 Great Barr News