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September 27, 2021

COVID-19 Vaccinations

You may be aware from the latest government announcements, that the COVID-19 vaccination will be offered to students aged 12 and over in the near future. Students aged 12-15 will be offered a vaccination in the Academy. We are currently awaiting details on the vaccination programme and will share this information when we receive it, we will also advise parents/carers when the consent form has been distributed for their attention, in the same way as with the flu immunisation. Students aged 16 or 17 will not be offered a vaccination in the Academy, as they can either book an appointment to get vaccinated here, or search for a walk-in vaccination site here to get vaccinated without needing an appointment. As with all other vaccinations delivered in the Academy, the Academy is simply a venue in the process, and as such, are unable to answer any questions, advise on the process, or discuss how consent is managed. When the consent forms are sent home, you will be informed which agency is delivering the vaccination, and how to contact them directly with any questions that you may have. It’s helpful to return the consent form as quickly as possible clearly identifying as to whether you wish to consent to, or decline the proposed vaccination.  The government has prepared this guidance for parents/carers regarding the COVID-19 vaccination programme. Source: Q3 Great Barr News