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July 23, 2021

eSafety over the Summer Holidays

We’ve shared some important safety tips with students and parents/carers ahead of the summer break, but things don’t always go to plan. If students are worried about their online safety, or the way that someone has been communicating with them online, then they can seek help and speak to a child protection adviser here. There’s also lots of helpful information and advice to support parents/carers here. Source: Q3 Great Barr News

End of Term Message from our Head of School

After what has been a difficult year for everyone, and for some sadly a tragic one, I want to reflect on two themes before sharing information for the new term. First, after the challenges of the pandemic I’d like to encourage all students to count their blessings. Now more than ever, I hope we can all value those around us, and especially the relationships that sustain us when things have been difficult. We are nothing without each other and I want to thank the whole Academy community for its patience and support. Secondly, there has been much in the media about the long-term educational damage caused to children and young people. This may be true in some cases but the overwhelming majority of students, especially those in secondary education, will catch-up. Students will catch-up at different rates, but the lost learning will not define their whole life. Our students are resilient, and they should not waste energy on worrying but take each challenge as it comes, rest assured that we will give our very best to help them. Every year staff move on to develop their careers and we thank them for their work at Q3 Academy Great Barr. This year we say goodbye to Mr Bell, Mr Hallam, Miss King, Mrs Kular, Mrs Rani, Mr Thomas, and Miss Tristram. During the summer holidays, students have more free time and this can present more risks. The recent spell of good weather has tempted some people to swim in open water...
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End of Term Message from our Chair of Governors

I have taken the unusual decision to write a public letter to the Academy community. Life in the pandemic has been difficult for us all and tragic for those that have lost family members, and all those personally affected have my sincere sympathy for the upheaval the pandemic has brought to work and family life. The challenges faced by all education settings across the country have been extreme, and those in the big cities have often faced greater problems than others. The government’s guidance to the Academy has changed frequently and I am very grateful to the staff at Q3 Academy Great Barr for their efficient and calm management to support key workers, provide remote learning and COVID-19 testing at the end of the last lockdown, and to adapt every aspect of Academy routines to keep children safe. There have of course been disappointments and frustrations. We had to close the Academy during November, and we have twice closed to a whole Year Group. The cancellation of the Prom was a real disappointment for all concerned. Equally, as a parent, I know the disruption caused when students have been sent home to self-isolate. However, I have been consulted on all major decisions regarding closure and I can assure you that the Academy has always worked in the best interests of the students, carefully balancing the need to keep them safe and maintain education. Most of all, I must praise the students who have worked so hard to overcome every barrier....
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