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eSafety Update

Both YouTube and Instagram have announced plans for new safety features to support a safer online environment for children. We’d strongly recommend that parents/carers carefully monitor the internet activity of their children, and here are some handy reminders.

Whilst Instagram is for children aged 13 and above only, they’ve said that they’re working on a version of Instagram for younger children which we hope will see stringent safety measures. However, this has not yet been released. We remind all parents/carers to check the age limits of platforms used by their children (here is a helpful guide to the legal age limits for the most popular platforms).

YouTube have created this useful video with tips for parents/carers on how to set up a supervised YouTube experience for children.

You can see more information on Safeguarding and eSafety in the dedicated section of our website here.

Source: Q3 Great Barr News