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February 24, 2021

Keeping Students Safe Online

Q3 Academy Great Barr has been recognised for its commitment to helping students stay safe online. We are now National Online Safety certified! The Academy has successfully completed a comprehensive online safety training programme demonstrating our commitment to keeping children and young people safe online, and we have received a National Online Safety accreditation for our Academy-wide community approach to protecting children in the online world. James Southworth, co-founder at National Online Safety, said: “Congratulations to everyone at Q3 Academy Great Barr on becoming National Online Safety certified. By completing our training programme, the Academy has shown its strong commitment to implementing an effective Academy-wide approach to online safety.” “It can be increasingly difficult for the Academy and parents/carers to stay ahead of online threats and ensure both children and staff are safeguarded from potentially harmful and inappropriate online material. We arm everyone with the knowledge they need to understand online dangers and how best to react to any problems.” We are really proud of this huge achievement and have worked hard to develop this area, particularly with staff and students working remotely. We will continue to deliver eSafety guidance to our students, training to support our staff, and access to a range of courses, resources, and webinars for parents/carers.  All parents/carers have been sent a link by email providing access to a platform on everything eSafety – we’ve had some great feedback so far, and lots of parents/carers have completed courses and made the most of the webinars and...
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Year 9 Pathways Event

Our Year 9 Pathways event will be starting on Monday 29th March 2021. This will be an opportunity for you and your child to discuss and explore possible option subjects for Year 10, along with the alternative Pathways which will allow for best progression from Key Stage 3 into Key Stage 4 and beyond. In place of our usual Pathways event, subjects have prepared videos to support you making decisions about the best options for you to take. A link to these subject videos, along with an introductory video, and our Pathways information booklet, will be sent to you at a later date. You will soon receive a personalised letter for your child including how to submit their subject choices. This will detail which Pathway and subjects that we consider the best option for your child in order to maximise their progression into further study or employment. Key Dates: Week Commencing 15th March 2021 – Recommendation Letter sent home Monday 29th March 2021 – Pathways launch on the Website Tuesday 30th March 2021 – Student choices begin Monday 19th April 2021 – Deadline for submission of choices Week Commencing 10th May 2021 – Letter confirming final subject choices sent If you have any initial queries about this process, please contact the Academy, selecting the option for Student Services (Key Stage 4 can be reached through option 2 then 2). The post Year 9 Pathways Event appeared first on Q3 Academy Great Barr. Source: Q3 Great Barr News