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Tassomai Webinars for Parents/Carers

We have invested heavily in a variety of online learning platforms to support students, particularly in the current situation. Tassomai being one of the most popular tools to complement our online teaching and to underpin key concepts in English, Mathematics, and Science. The founder of Tassomai is running helpful webinars for parents/carers to ensure that they know both how their child can make best use of the platform, and to raise awareness of the features available to parents/carers.

There are two upcoming webinars (both are the same, so you need only attend of them) at the following dates and times. Please click the link provided to sign up for the webinar ahead of the event.

Wednesday 10th February, from 12-1pm

Click this link to sign up for Wednesday’s webinar.

Thursday 11th February, from 4-5pm

Click this link to sign up for Thursday’s webinar.

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