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Parking Congestion

We have been asked by the Police to politely remind parents/carers that the area to the front of the Academy is a red route, and as such no vehicles may be parked or stop there for any reason including dropping off or picking up passengers. The Police will be making regular inspections along this route and fining any vehicles who stop along the red route or who park dangerously or discourteously. 

The drop-off zone should be used as such, students may be dropped off/picked up, but the driver must remain in the vehicle with their window closed, and vacate the space as soon as the student has got out of/in the vehicle. No vehicle should be stationary in the drop-off zone for longer than two minutes, nor may any vehicle enter the Academy site or block the vehicle entrance gate.

We ask that during Coronavirus restrictions in particular, parents/carers do not accompany their child to the Academy gate.

Parents/carers may find it more convenient to agree on a location with their child away from the Academy for them to be dropped off and/or collected where there is no alternative option. Please be mindful of local residents when considering this option and respect our community.

Thank you for your ongoing support.


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