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eSafety Reminder – Social Media

The video sharing service TikTok is currently working on removing a video showing a man killing himself which originated on Facebook, and has also been shared on Twitter and Instagram. 

The social media service has said that they will ban accounts which repeatedly upload clips. However, we would urge parents/carers, as we do in the Academy, to remind young people of the dangers of social media and the internet. If any student has seen the video, or is affected by anything they see online then we’d encourage them to discuss this with a member of staff in the Academy or to email our BeBrave service here.

A reminder to parents/carers that the minimum age for users of most popular social media service is 13 years old, and 16 years old for some services such as WhatsApp. So, it’s important to check the terms and conditions of any service used by young people. Regardless of age, all users should be cautious of the content that they access. Further information that may be of use can be found here.

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