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September 1, 2020

Start of Term Welcome from Mr Arnull

I sincerely hope you and your family have managed to have a restful holiday and we genuinely look forward to welcoming your child back to the Academy.  We know that returning to the Academy may be an anxious time for students and their families and there has been much in the news about managing the risks of re-opening places of education.  I want to assure parents, carers, and the whole Academy community about the actions that Q3 Academy Great Barr has taken to make the return to education as safe as is practicably possible.  The government has made it clear that nationally we should expect some students to find it difficult to manage their behaviour on their return. Some students may have faced a very challenging set of home circumstances during lockdown, and many may find the more regimented routine of post-lockdown life difficult.  We will help every student to adjust to the new routines. In particular we will take a swift and proportionate response to any student whose misbehaviour threatens the health and safety of others. In addition we are in the process of recruiting a counsellor to help those students who have suffered during lockdown or any student that needs extra emotional support. To adjust to the staggered start and finish times and to keep Year Groups apart where possible we will soon be revising our sanctions policy. Detentions will usually be within bubbles with Personal Tutors. Should any student be disruptive in class then a same day detention may be...
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Face Coverings

Students may wear a plain, appropriate face covering in communal areas if they wish. Although no Sandwell school or academy is currently classified as Tier 1 in terms of Coronavirus risk and response, we are encouraging students to wear face coverings in communal areas where social distancing cannot be maintained. In classrooms all seating is now forward-facing, and the government currently advise that face coverings are not necessary. Students in Years 7-9 will be taught in the same room throughout the day, and they should not need to regularly use a face covering. Students in Years 10-13 will need to wear a face covering when moving between lessons. Students should use a hand sanitiser before and after removing the face covering, and they will need to keep the face covering in a clean plastic bag when not in use. All face coverings should be appropriate for the workplace, and joke or scary face coverings are not permitted. Further guidance from Sandwell Local Authority can be found here. The incorrect use of masks or face coverings can lead to the spread of infection. Therefore, students using face coverings will need to follow government advice which can be found here. Any student using a face covering inappropriately may be asked to remove it. The post Face Coverings appeared first on Q3 Academy Great Barr. Source: Q3 Great Barr News